7 Smart Thanksgiving Wines to Impress Your Family and Friends

Thanksgiving dinner can be tough for wine lovers, especially the ones in charge of deciding what to buy for everyone else. Fear not, for here are some really smart picks that will make everybody happy. These wines are in our store right now, and as you can see from our tasting notes and prices, they’re perfectly matched for a wide range of dishes as well as a budget that still has to make it through Christmas.

Drop by and ask us about these Thanksgiving wines, and we’ll put some of these beauties in your basket!


redemption-zin1. Redemption Zinfandel 2013 – $18.99. Blueberry, blackberry and vanilla with a spicy, peppery finish. This is the one to roll out when the turkey is set on the table.



2. Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel 2014 – $12.99. Black Cherry, blackberry, and raspberry. Hints of jam and vanilla bean. With a moderately high acidity, this would also be great with the main course.


veuve_du_vernay_rose3. Veuve Du Vernay Rosé – $12.99. A quality French sparkling wine at a great price. Red cherry, rose petal, and lemon with a creamy texture. This is a great aperitif – something to pour while noshing on appetizers, or hanging around in the kitchen before dinner.


jadot-beaujolais-village4. Louis Jadot Beaujolais Villages 2015 – $14.79. Strawberry, black cherry, and spice. This wine has a lighter body and a creamy, mouth-watering finish. 2015 is a rock star year for these wines. A good wine with appetizers, it’s also big enough to serve with the main course.


riesling-von-schleinitz-estate5. VS Estate Dry Riesling 2014 – $14.99. Lemon, golden apple, pear, with a pleasant, mineral undertone. This wine has really nice acidity, which means it will stand up well to rich side dishes as well as turkey. Great with appetizers and small talk, and for those who don’t drink red wine.


curator-red6. The Curator Red 2013 – $8.99. A zippy red blend that pairs well with cranberry sauce and ham. Red Cherry, violet plum, and cranberry, with floral and herbaceous notes on the finish. This is a little-known gem from South Africa that drinks like a wine that’s twice the price. Great for sipping in the kitchen, but a superb match for the main course too.


marietta-red-blend7. Marietta Old Vine Red – $13.89. Big blackberry jam, blueberry, red raspberry, charcoal and dark chocolate. Big tannins and a huge body with a long finish of black fruit berries. Another great match for the main course.

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